Sunday, September 26, 2010

A bunch of Price's

Between Rachael, Lindsay (two of Cole's cousins and soon to be mine :) ) and I we have been talking about getting all the cousins together for a dinner or outing or something like that, but of course we always got busy and put it on the back burner. However Lindsay and Rachel decided to get organized and actually plan a day and believe it or not we ALL made it and had a good time. It was nice to catch up and just relax a bit.

It wouldn't be a normal family get together without Crew and Brody running around like wild animals and Kyky squawking EXTREMELY loud competing for attention. Crew managed to find the one pile of poop in the yard and not just step in it but completely soak it all up from head to toe! Chris ended up taking him home to get him showered and redressed :) Brodes couldn't get enough of Harvey and Lucy (Tom and Lindsays dogs) and spent most of the night outside.... by choice. Our little Kader, angel boy (haha I'm sticking to it!) didn't make a peep and loved taking in all of the surroundings. Lindsay couldn't put him down and Tom couldn't stop playing with Crew and Brody and to the boys Tom is just the Bees Knees! I can't wait to see them with their own and just know they are going to be GREAT parents! Even if Linds will be dealing with 2 kids every once and a while ;)

I think we all were a little surprised that we all had made it so I had adjusted our ( Julie and I) cameras to auto timer to capture the moment!
The Price clan! (From top left) Elizabeth and Rich, Rachel and JJ, Linds and Tom with the Brodesman, Jules, Emily (Bottom left to right) Me Cole babe and Kader, Chris Kys and Cruiser, and Hailey.

Camera shy...

Its officially become frustrating to get some of his huge smiles on camera because as soon as we pull it out he puts them away! I put the camera down and he can't stop smiling! My little stinker for sure. Cole had him going pretty good so I pulled the camera out from the side and one good shot and a couple pretty cute ones.
This smile just completely melts me! I think it's absolutely crazy how I can so quickly get so teary eyed and emotional just thinking about how happy I am and how in love I am with my boys. I'm wondering if that is just the effect of being a mom or if it's still the hormones going crazy post pregnancy and will eventually go away! :) Either way we are so blessed and so lucky to have such a healthy baby and very fortunate life!

Such a little flirt already :)

My so very handsome boys

Sticking the fingers in our mouth is the latest and greatest! So much so that he will stick them so far in his mouth that he starts gagging and doesn't understand that he's doing it to himself! Choking hazard for sure :) I'm no longer jumping off the couch with my heart racing thinking hes going to die; definitely getting used to it.


We were waiting till our 4 month check up to ask the doc what he thought about starting some cereal or any solid foods. My personal thought was to wait for a while yet but he said that if we wanted to give cereal a shot just to see how he would take it that we could. The formula has been doing a really good job but every once and a while it doesn't seem to hold him over so we thought we would give it a shot.

He wasn't even that hungry when I tried and was just about ready to go down ninight but we just tried a couple bites mixed with his formula haha and this is what I got :)

Haha Pretty sure he wasn't too sure of what was going on. Adding some texture to his diet on top of the spoon was a whole new world. Looks like we'll have to gradually add it into his diet :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4 month monster

Today was our four month check up and of course we had to charm all the nurses with our talking and smiling before we got down to business! This kid cracks me up and while I'm sure I am completely bias I find him to be the most adorable kid out there! The nurse came in and we went through the usual 20 questions and any concerns and got to the weighing. She asked me how much I thought he weighed and I said I would put him around 18 lbs and she laughed at me. "Hes a big boy and that could be but 18 lbs is pretty big" - nurse. Sounds like it could be a little rude but we were laughing and joking about it all. I put him on the scale and sure enough 18 lbs even; mom was dead on. He also grew quite a bit and is just short of 27 inches which now puts him at the 90th percentile in length and 95th in weight. Such a huge personality as well as a huge, little body to go with it! It's so crazy that we are already at 4 months! I love how much Cole and I love that guy and being parents together and just a great team! Life really couldn't get much better! God is good! :) I love hearing we have healthy baby!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family day

Cole and I decided that it was about that time to take a day for ourselves and just go do something out of the ordinary. We packed up all the gear and went down to Seattle for the day and just bummed around. Did a little shopping on the way and of course came home with nothing for ourselves and everything for Kade :) With the craziness of our schedules and lack of good quality time together this day was SO awesome!

After walking around, going to the water, getting our coffee and just taking time to sit and talk we thought that maybe the aquarium would be fun. Of course the little kid in me coming out and pretty sure Cole wasn't too thrilled on the idea but agreed :) <- good man haha. We paid and I couldn't wait to get in there and see something cool....... and it NEVER happened! I could have very easily been out at work (Packers) and seen everything there! SO disappointing! It took Kade, Cole and I no longer than 10 minutes to get through the 'whole' thing and we had decided that $17 each was not worth that! We should have known that as soon as we got in the aquarium Kade falling asleep was our sign! We got back to the front and Cole decided to tell the lady that we had to go (which was very true) and asked if we could get our money back hahaha So horrible but we did and I didn't have to feel too bad for such a horrible decision! The zoo is definitely in the cards next time. I know that you should always go with know you know but I like to venture out in hopes of finding something really cool..... haha total fail this time on the aquarium but we got a good laugh out of it and such a great day all together!

Friday, September 3, 2010

First game of the first horrible year

When Cole and I first started dating for the second time I was quickly reminded of how much 'we' love USC.... As most sports fans know USC has taken a VERY huge and dramatic :) toll this year. haha I enjoy sports in general and have a very competitive spirit and always have however, Cole's passion for USC even shocks me! The man is a DIE HARD to say the least. When we found out we were pregnant we thought for sure we were having a girl... Cole had even purchased some baby girl USC onesies that were absolutely adorable, and then it was a boy! :) We decided to keep them for future girls (fingers crossed). Cole decided to pull out the one onesie that had the typical coloring and put it on Kade even though the sleeves had ruffles! I told him that our son was not going to be wearing ruffles and that I would fix it. haha I doctored up the sleeves just so that we could be wearing some gear, because it was so important, and it must have done some good because we got a win last night! Go Trojans! :)

Rolls in all the right places ;)

27 years and a life FULL of memories

27 years....."I still consider him the hotest thing on two legs" haha Coming from the mouth of my mother about my dad. There is so much respect for my parents and the work and commitment they put into their relationship and marraige. Now that us kids are, for the most part, on our own with our own agendas my parents have been getting out just the two of them and doing more 'dates' and outings just the two of them. I know now more then ever how much kids take out of your day, time and even thoughts! While I'm sure any parent out there wouldn't change that fact for the world, it's true. The idea alone that they made it through all of us kids and our craziness, as well as all the curve balls life has to throw at you is a true statement. I'm so happy that they have their time back for themselves (for the most part :)) to get out together and not have too much to worry about. If you don't have any worries, you're not living enough! Happy anniversary to the best parents out there! I love you more then you know! Thank you for everything. You guys are the ones that led by example and taught me that family is the best gift out there and to never take it for granted. Here's to many many more! :)

Tony Wilson Classic

A little golf for the boys, a day off for me and a reason to get the great community that Lynden is together to raise money in the memory of a great guy and friend. Cole, Chuckie, Tom (Lagried) and Chris got a team together and teed off around 11 am and I took off with Kade to Matt and Ashley's to have social hourS and watch the guys golf. It was probably one of the best days of the summer however trying to keep the little man cooled off is a pain so I am welcoming some cooler fall weather! Along with the cooler weather will mean a more relaxed schedule as well... PTL! :)

The benefit dinner was SO great to see all the support and to remember Tony. It's hard to believe that it has been three years since we lost such an inspirational, hardworking and caring friend. He always had a smile on his face and was that kind of person you felt like you knew forever even if you had just met him. Every year the event just gets bigger and bigger, thanks to all the hard work from Sandy, Jeff and Jenn Wilson, Bre Maberry and Ryan and Megan Van Diest. The fact that they knew how much this fundraiser meant to Tony and carried it out for him and continually work their butts off every year is remarkable.

My love

YAY for a third addition! We can hardly wait!

Price gals minus Leslie

Memi and our Kader.....Such a chunk! :) I love this picture

Mama Les Chuckie and Kade

And we're was a long day for the little man but just like aways he handled everything with ease. Cole and I keep saying we have been SO spoiled with the easiest going baby in the world. I try to watch what I say thinking I'm going to jinx myself but if anything it just gets easier. I think because we really know what we're dealing with now and have his schedule down to an art it's such a breeze. Our second, third, fourth and fifth ;) (kidding... Cole would die!) are going to be a challenge no matter what because you don't get easier then Kade. :) We'll take it! haha