Thursday, October 27, 2011

X rated!!

Not really, but there were parts of it that were and I will be sure to leave those out! :) What happens in Whistler STAYS in Whistler. There were a few on the list that weren't yet 21 so that meant either Canada or house party. I really liked the idea of getting away with a group to get some good quality time spent together. Considering any bachelorette party that I have been to, it's usually a party and most of the time crazy. While it's always fun I wanted some sober time to just relax. Many on the list were moms and couldn't agree more with a weekend idea!
I LOVE Whistler! To me, it just feels like a hole in the world! The people are usually always cool and fun and when we decided on the location, Julie went to town finding all the best deals--her specialty! While Julie organized, my mom, sister, Anna, Beth and Lisa shopped for surprise decorations! haha Yes, my MOM! Too funny, but I'm pretty sure she was loving the whole idea of a bachelorette weekend. Because I don't know how to not help plan I decided to go to Costco with Meghan and Julie to purchase all the food and rehydrating beverages we would need.

Time came to hit the road so we packed 7 different vehicles full of girls and got to it. I felt a little bad considering that drive isn't the easiest on everyones tummies.... Regardless, we finally arrived, all at different times and got settled and the party began! It was hilarious to see people faces when they heard that 'that' group was just getting bigger. All of my aunts jumped on board along with all of my cousins and best friends. Icing on the cake is that my mother-in-law came long! Leslie laughed at the idea at first and gave a sigh... I wasn't about to let her stay at home and told her she didn't have an option. Seriously, she's one of the funniest people I know and have grown to love everything about her! There were a few that couldn't make it and such as life so there were some that were missed but besides that the BEST group ever!

This was the first night.... When we got all situated within the rooms we decided to head out on the town while waiting for everyone else to get there. I heard someone in the condos talking about a free concert in the village and got super stoked considering I love free things! :) Turns out it was Jason Mraz and I flipped out. Not only do I love him but our song has always been as 'I'm yours' as well as our wedding song! Of course my mom got all emotional talking about it all being kismet and Gods plan and of course I started crying because I couldn't agree more! Tears of joy and happiness are the best kind out there :) After our moment I rounded the troops and made sure to get good and as close as we could. The man is talented! After we heard THE song we headed up a bit for dinner and drinks at some brewery still within ears reach. Me being the responsible mom that I am decided to go sober the first night knowing I wouldn't have a choice the next night!

My sister and cousin Stelli.... No longer the little awkward girls. I cannot believe how absolutely stunning they are and truly the life of the party! They were a friggin blast!

The moms!! :) Loved having them there..... Yes there were your interesting moments but oh well they only make you closer! haha

The whole group of beautiful ladies minus the 6 'moms' (My mom, aunts, Leslie and Denny)

Keeping in the family. (left to right) My brothers girlfriend Anna, cousin Alexa, cousin Estelle, sister Emma Jean, Me, cousin Abby and cousins wife Ashley.
haha again in the family :)

My totally awesome wedding party

Nothing like a sister

Jules and Leslie Ray

The beautiful twins

A long post for an even longer weekend. I had so much fun and have my girls and Whistler to thank for that! The drive home...... Oh man

A little run-through

August 18th, Cole, Kade and I, our families and our wedding party came together at Homestead to get a little rehearsing in. Before getting there I always kind of found rehearsals to be a bit odd and unnecessary. Boy was I wrong. Because we decided we wanted to get married on the driving range instead of under a tent it was completely wide open. Where to be waiting, walking, standing and all in that order. I kept getting asked all these specific questions that needed specific answers and I am so 'go with the flow' type of person. Pretty sure most of my answers were 'wherever' or 'sure' or 'that sounds good'. I guess if I really thought about it of course there would be intricate details that would need to be put in place but I never really thought that hard. I always just focused and dreamed about walking down to Cole and pronouncing our vows and love in front of God and our loved ones. To me that's all that there was!

A while back the Sytsma's had come out to Packers for a family dinner and I got the pleasure of serving them! We got into wedding talk of course and Shelly was telling me I was crazy to not have a wedding planner or someone to 'boss' people around in her words. She insisted that she be mine and I said that sounds good to me! haha THANK GOODNESS! I hate to be the one to tell people what to do and really if it came down to it I probably wouldn't. Not saying that I can't stress out or worry but I find it to be pointless to stress on little details that most people wouldn't even notice. Every t was crossed and every i was dotted and I didn't have to say a word!

After the organization was finished all of us and then some went back to Leslie Ray and Chuckie's for some drinks and grub. The food was amazing, drinks were good, fire and games were fun and the company couldn't have been better! We loved having a little back yard affair; keeping it intimate and relaxed.

People stuck around till the crack of dawn telling stories and enjoying company. The idea of having a day in between the rehearsal and wedding day turned out to be one of the best ideas I've ever had!

Pre wedded bliss....

I love planning and organizing just about anything and when it came to the wedding there was nothing different. I had so much fun drawing up different ideas, color schemes and accessories. Having a little one year old running around everywhere did create some challenges! In the best kind of way of course. haha I learned to get my point across quickly and hopefully kindly :)

In an odd way, planning a wedding just felt weird. While I was extremely excited to have our day, Cole and I had also been living with each other for over a year already, made our beautiful home together and of course had Kader. We already felt married. Definitely not the old Lynden traditional way of doing things, but with out a doubt it was our way!

Wednesday, July 27th, my birthday, we went out off the Sunrise Rd with Aubrey Johnson to take some engagement photos. In my 25 years it is ALWAYS sunny and beautiful on my birthday. I woke up to clouds and definitely not pretty ones. The afternoon rolled around and just ask I was about to call Aubrey to reschedule the sun came out and the weather I'm used to on my birthday stayed true!

Just a few of my favorites.

After our 'alone' time and actually really romantic photo shoot we went downtown to Boundary Bay for reggae night with some friends. My girls tricked me into running off to Bob's for a couple rounds by saying we were meeting another one of the girls down the street. haha So the boys went to Boundary and us girls went and got a few prefunkers and what should've only taken a couple minutes turned into a bit too long! The boys left, getting sick of waiting for us, and found us at Bobs. I loved the look I got from Cole when they found us. One it was my birthday and two I was tricked! haha He couldn't be mad :)

What I thought was going to be an icky day, turned into a beautiful day with a lot of surprises! Exactly what birthdays should be like. Gotta say I was just a tad slow the next day.... :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1st Big game!

Back in May, we decided to take Kade to his first Mariner's game! We went knowing it could either be a really stupid idea or a really fun idea and our little guy stayed true as we hoped. It was a great day! Cole and I sometimes, what seems to be often, like to make things a little difficult by forgetting the stroller. Maybe this is just part of being a parent but we've become very inventive and creative finding ways to get this busy guy to settle down and still get a nap in. 6th inning came around, Cole went to the sports shop and bought a huge extremely fuzzy and conveniently expensive blanket and we created an amazingly comfortable hammock. Needless to say Kade was out like a thief in the night! (Cole's saying)

I just love his little hat on backwards :)

Uncle Dustin came along with us and spent some quality time teaching him special ways with the ladies! haha I seriously was in tears a lot of the day watching him get in with a bunch of girls that just wanted to say hi to Kade. In Dustin's defense though they did stick around and talk with Dustin as well. I told him that most girls will like the baby thing until they think it's yours, so as soon as he would rope them in he would explain that Kade was like his nephew and not actually his. It was quite an eventful day to say the least :)

Of course have to get the family photo.... Notice the bink?

I was a determined mama and was NOT going to leave that game with out a ball for Kade. I hung out for 3 innings and Dustin was informing me that one of the pitchers kept stealing a look and that I should show some more cleavage.... par for the course for him that day! I opted to go for the I'm a mom and my baby needs a 1st game ball! haha It worked!

As soon as we gave it to him and thanked League for giving it to us, he went to throw it back!! Luckily Cole caught it before it went over the edge. If Kade had more in him I would've stuck around to get it signed but we all were over it. Mariners won and we had a blast - Another one for the books :)