Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seattle with the Ladies!

So I got suckered into a Bunco game night with my girlfriends... I've never been a part of these groups only because I always had ZERO interest. Becki had called me one night apparently in dyer need of someone so I came to the rescue and got hooked; I'm not going to lie. It's so fun to get together, no babies, have a glass of wine and just relax and have uninterrupted conversation!

Sam and Brynn had this brilliant idea to do an overnighter in Seattle. A little shopping and night out on the town... Yes please! We decided that I would drive the tahoe down so Cole, because he loves me and the girls SO much ;), cleaned it out and got it all ready for us. We packed it up with the Lynden girls and then headed out to pick up the Bellingham crew. Brynn definitely came p-r-e-p-a-r-e-d! Holy cow! Coolers and jell-o shots even! I couldn't stop laughing at her only because she thought we were all crazy for not being that prepared! Needless to say, next time we do this I'm not going to disappoint her.

Me and my Meg:)

Michelle, Bethlehem, and Sam

Sam and our always prepared Brynn

All of us girls either have serious boyfriends, husbands, fiances, or babies back at home! It was so nice to really have just a girls night and not have to worry about any random boys. Julianne, another one of our good girlfriends couldn't make it because she moved to Vegas, but she made sure to get us nothing but the special treatment while we were in the big city! Big thanks to our girl!

Samantha and Michelle

Brynn turned out to be my dancing partner of the night and let me tell you I don't think there was one inch of that place that we didn't hit! haha For once I was the one that didn't want to go home and go to bed! We literally were dragged out of the club :)

We had to wake up and get ready fairly early because Meghan had to get to work at 12! haha I had to laugh a little because I woke up feeling like a million bucks while everyone else had a little rough go. Considering I never get a chance to really have a drink let alone several I was a little worried but my skies were clear! :) We're already planning our next date night and I can hardly wait! We had WAY too much fun and considering next time I won't be driver.... I'm even more excited!

We said bye bye to the tahoe and are looking forward to getting a new family vehicle just not anytime soon. Although Cole's got the itch on several vehicles!

A little ketchup

I was avoiding posts because of a lack of time and now am avoiding them because I can't even remember what to post anymore! Between the thick of wedding planning now and Kades first birthday along with everything else I have completely lost any details of whats been going on!

HUGE news our Kader started crawling.... finally! He took off the week Cole was gone to Hawaii (April 7th), of course. He also started saying thank you and uh oh :) We're liking thank you for a first real word besides the mama dada papa and baba... pretty basic stuff. My mom is working really hard on the 'Grandma' so she can see what her 'name' is going to be. He is also now starting to stand up and take assisted steps - He's pretty proud of himself as are we!

Cole has been working his butt off for the business and our official take over/ signing date is May 6th and we really couldn't be more excited about it. Frank and Joy have been so accommodating and easy going with everything. We couldn't really ask for anything more. Performance Driving school here we come! :)

As for me I am in the beginning stages of starting with the high school kids at Cornwall and the youth groups and am WAY too anxious and excited about it! They're starting a back round check-yikes! and then who knows from there. Not that I'm worried about a back round check it's just very formal, but it does make me more comfortable for when we leave Kade in the nursery.

We now have a good picture of what the wedding is going to look like and the overall feel of it. Its been great considering everyone that we've been working with sees where we want to go with everything and have the relaxed and laid back feel. Now it's just the odds and ends and tying them all up! CANT WAIT!!

I'm sure I'm forgetting something but for now that's what my brain is giving me! haha

Monday, April 4, 2011

Not so much slumber at a slumber party!

So during the Hall of Fame weekend my girlfriends and I had planned a slumber party with the babies as well! After the basketball game Friday night we went over to Katie's and drank some wine.... well they did and played some board games! I had to wake up early Saturday morning for a "date" with my dad in Bellingham at 6 AM so that's why I didn't join with the wine drinking :) It's always a blast with these girls but when it came time for sleep..... sleep did NOT happen!! I tried to seclude myself but some voices you can't hide from! Needless to say 6 am came VERY quickly and I took off.... I luckily got to leave Kade sleeping with the girls and got back around 8:30 to start making breakfast and coffee. Almost like I never left..... kinda!

Katie decided to make a poster with the motto of the night "It's our party we can cry, laugh, dance, drink if we want to" haha

Miss Madyn and Kali

Kade just flirtin' with the ladies!

Mel brought matching jammies :)

Katie snuggling her little girl..... Honestly the best time ever with your baby in my opinion.

Saturday morning we got to skype with Kaitlyn who has been living in Colorado :( What a great invention though.... Her and Norah were a wonderful addition!

Its so fun to have babies in the mix and luckily theres quite a bit of us with babies around the same age to understand where you're at in life. It definitely changes but no doubt for the better!

Oh man!! Playing catch up!

I have been SO horrible lately at updating the good ol' blog! Mainly because in our household we have way too much going on.... could be an excuse but I'm going with it! Cole's been working his butt of on the business (Performance Driving School... WAY too exciting!), wedding planning, Kades 1st birthday planning, I had to host Bunco this past month (I always make hosting into a production) and so many other little things let alone life in general. Such as life right? :)

Okay so where did I leave off?  Since the last update Chuckie got inducted into the hall of fame and we got to be included in all the festivities and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We're SO incredibly proud of him and all of his accomplishments. All of the story telling was completely entertaining no matter how many times we had heard them and his speech was by far the best of the night! I think that we all were just a little nervous for him and he completely blew me away! He's such a sap and I'm sure I wasn't the only one at the table choked up and teary eyed! Truly one of my favorite people out there. Here's a couple of pictures from the weekend...
 Jerry did such a great job introducing and telling past stories about Chuckie :) It really was just all around such a special night for the whole family!

Since this last picture of Linsday and I baby Levi James has made his way into this world and he is just a precious little thing and both her and Tom are such great parents!
I love this picture but we're missing Kys! Not to mention that we didn't make it through the whole game considering Crew had been saying all night that he didn't feel good and he was tired. Turns out the poor guy was totally sick and ended up throwing up all over the stands! :( He definitely can be full of it but he wasn't kidding this time!

Chuck receiving his plaque during half time at the game.

 Better later late than never I suppose :)