Friday, August 27, 2010


Cole and I have definitely settled into family life as well as a VERY busy life. Our work schedules are pretty opposite and leaves maybe a couple nights a week together. I'm not going to complain too much but I can really REALLY start missing him and time as a whole family together. Our Chelan trip was SO great just to relax with no agenda and just enjoy our time.

Our second night of vacations we got a truly amazing thunder and lightning storm. I had woken up to feed Kade about 2:30 am and just sat and watched. Kade went back to sleep and Cole and I had a little date on the patio with quite the show. Cole of course put on a pot of coffee and we sat and talked and watched till the sun came up. :) Such a great night!

We just sat there in awe. Moments like that where there's no denying God and his glory and power are just so amazing and breathtaking! Everything happens for a reason and he has a plan. I could not be more happy in life. To be with my best friend and someone I am so in love with and in my bias opinion, have the most beautiful baby boy, is such a rich and rewarding life.

I love the kind of relationship we have. There has always been a crazy amount of chemistry only now we have such a great friendship to go along with it. I can never get bored of the man that's for sure! We can't wait to have our day and look forward to many more 'electrifying' moments together!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Desert Canyon 2010

One of my favorite places to be, and especially with my family, is Desert Canyon! I love how you're relatively close to just about anything and yet far enough away to where you feel secluded! That and the scenery is just beautiful!

My parents, Rudy, Anna, Chili Bean, the Maasens and us took the hike over to Orondo for a week to get away and enjoy some sunny weather and time together. We got AMAZING weather and even a crazy thunder and lightning storm. While the weather was great and the lake was even better my favorite times were coffee on the patio in the morning and wine and Apples to Apples the the evening.

Cole and I got lots of helping hands with Kade and as much as we love that little guy we really appreciated the break. We should have took a picture of what we 'had' to pack down to the lake everyday! It was honestly ridiculous! Everything was for Kade and our efforts to keep him cool and comfortable. Considering he's probably one of the most easy going babies I've ever come across, it was definitely over the top! First time parents....

Cole of course couldn't wait to get some golfing in....

My tired boys :)

I LOVE how he looks like a little man in that chair!

All of our helping hands....Everyone helped us out I just happened to snag pictures of a few of them. Even Uncle Yimmy who WAS scared of handling a new baby again helped me out when I was cookin up dinner the first night! :) Gotta love it! I think we cured him throughout the week!

Love these dorks! :)

We had such a great time! I can't wait for next year already!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two months and counting


Our happy boy..... He is always all smiles!

Okay! So I am definitely about a month behind on these pictures but I need to get them in here because this was the first day that Kade really started making some noise and giving lots of personality! Two months old and just my little honey! I could never get sick of looking at him and LOVE talking to him!

July 12......A day to remember

Cole and I decided to finally get out of the house, just the two of us, and go out for a little date night :) We have always spent a lot of time out a Birch Bay and love it out there so we thought CJ's for dinner and then the beach sounded great! The weather was awesome so I brought the camera along thinking I would catch some great sunset pictures and try to capture our 'first' date/night out since the little man.

After dinner we walked down to our little spot on the point and I started setting up the camera with the self timer to get a picture. We were going to just take a quick picture because the tide was up and barely any room was left for us to hang out. I was pretty focused on telling Cole where to stand and making sure that it was going to be just right. I had actually said I can't wait till we can afford a ring and get married and that's when he responded you mean one like this one? I finally focused in on him and he was standing there in the picture holding a ring with a huge smile on his face and I melted, started shaking and cried! We had picked out a ring about a year and a half ago and had to put it on hold because money doesn't grow on trees unfortunately and Kade and a house were much more important to us. I didn't think that for 1 a man could pick out a ring I would LOVE and 2 that there was one out there better than the one I had originally had my eye on but yet again Cole surprised me! It's so perfect!

Before I realized he was standing there with a ring and about to propose, I had already clicked the timer to take a picture. By the time the camera took the photo this is what we got! I had completely forgotten that I clicked the picture with all the excitement and the fact that it had captured the moment so perfectly was SO amazing!! I would have to say it's the BEST first date picture I could've imagined for us! :)

I really did not even come close to seeing it coming and that is difficult to pull off! I love a surprise and always find a way to ruin it for myself however, Cole knows me too well and is very good and redirecting my way of thinking! I had actually told Cole that I thought he was acting funny and I knew something was up but I was convinced he was planning something for my birthday NOT an engagement! :) So smart! We are SO incredibly happy and feeling like we have been so blessed to have such an amazing life! We are planning for an August 6 wedding next year and can hardly wait!! :)

So happy and so in love! This is what life is all about!