Friday, July 16, 2010

Berty and Mother Den

Summer time is here officially and that also means BBQs over at the Loefflers! Volleyball, music, good food and great company is always expected and this time we got to bring our Kader and really enjoy some family time! This year is quite a bit different considering all of the babies we have amongst all of our friends! Lawsen, Alexa and Taylors 8 month old, looks so much bigger compared to the newbies but I'm sure soon enough it will all even out.

Getting everything together and getting out of the house!

A few of us mamas and our babies! Terell and Willem (1 Month), Alexa and Lawsen (8months), and me and Booger (2 months)

Loving the stance ;) It turned out to be such a great night for volleyball!

Bill and Bert! Gotta love the cut off.... I don't know that he will ever throw that thing away!

Music came later along with tired babies and worn out parents! It's ALWAYS a good time and always something to look forward to! Can't wait for the next one already!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CrAzY wEeK!!

While being off from work was great for the past 6 weeks, it is now time to jump back on the horse. I started back out at Packers 5 days a week, serving, and it's been great! Like that's not enough I will be adding the dental office as well next week! I love my house and I am completely in love with Kade but I've never been that great at being a home body. I like to get up and go! Considering how busy Packers is with the summer and sunshine, it also is working as my workout! :) Not only did I go back to work this week but Cole had an audit at work (LOTS of hours spent at the store) and Chuck and Leslie rented a house out at Birch Bay for the week. Needless to say we had a full load but such as life when you are no longer thinking about yourself! It now takes me an extra half hour to get out of the house due to all of the things I need to pack for Kade and just when I think I have it all and am out the door, I realize I forget a burp rag or extra diapers! It's very convenient that my mom has all the extras otherwise I would be late a lot! :) We did actually get some good time out at the cabin and I was snapping pictures as much as I could.

Life is a little crazy but I wouldn't change a thing! We are definitely in our groove now and I can't wait to see our family grow (not that soon)! haha Someone has got to get a Price girl out in the world sometime! I'm thinking she's going to have to be one tough cookie to keep up with all these boys!