Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little Relay

So last night was Relay for Life at the Lynden High School track and we went to support my uncle Jim who has now officially been to 9 Relays either fighting or in remission (for 9 years)!! It's so awesome to see him completely light up at these events! You can really tell how much it means to him not only to be there for his own battle but to be there supporting his fellow cancer survivors and those battling. My uncle Jim is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and is always willing to do anything for anyone but can be a little bit more quiet in bigger groups. However, last night everytime we turned around he was talking to a new person and what would take 2 mins or less to get around the lap took 15! haha

Alexa and I decided to pack the kids in the strollers and walk over to the high school and get our excersice in and by the time I walked to Lexa's, to the high school, around the track several times and then back home, I was exhausted! I really can't wait till my body is fully recovered and i'm back to my normal, hard to wear out self!

Right before the survivor lap. Jim was one of the few survivors asked to cut the ribbon. I thought that was pretty cool :)

Uncle Yimmy on his survivor lap! So proud of him!! haha He referred to his metals as his 'bling' all evening.


The rest of us joining him after the survivor lap

One of Jimmy's luminary bags :)

I love my Maassens!

Such a beautiful day to Relay!

More and more ALERT!

Its so fun to watch Kade growing like CRAZY! My mom, along with everyone else, always says 'enjoy every moment because it passes too quickly' and its always something i've just taken in however after living it, it's SO true! I feel like this past month has flown by! I feel like it was just yesterday we were in the hospital and he was 7 lbs! :(

It's funny how entertaining a baby can be! Cole and I just watch him for hours and really get nothing but maybe a few smiles. Cole gets home work and as soon as the door shuts he'll wake up every single time no matter how out cold he is! Just can't wait to see his daddy! :)

Cole just getting home from work and Kader WIDE awake :) We're getting more and more smiles when we talk to him and can't wait till he perfects it and we get them more often! Such a big boy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Here we go!

So I love scrapbooking and will continue to make a HUGE mess every once and a while, but I''m going to give this blogging and chance because it seems much cleaner! :)

Little Kader is officially 5 weeks and 2 days old and we have spent the last couple days not feeling too hot. All three of us came down with one contagious cold and our house has become a snot factory! It's such a helpless feeling not being able to know exactly what is bothering him or being able to fix it. I wish we could have avoided formula for a bit longer just for his health but sooner or later the time off is over and it's back to work! I know it's soon to be leaving him, but it makes it a LOT easier knowing he'll be in very good hands! My mom has fortunately for us taken on our weekly care needs and Kader definitely loves his Grandy :) Having a kid makes you realize the importance of a schedule and knowing that schedule for many different reasons.... I find myself writing everything down including feeding times, Cole's work schedule as opposed to mine (figure out when we need someone to watch him) and all of our play dates just to be sure that everything jives! So far we've been really busy and have been continuing to go out and enjoy ourselves. Considering Cole has a hard time sitting for longer then 5 mins and I like to be fairly busy as well I have a feeling that busy is going to be the name of the game from now on.

Right after he came out I immediately broke into tears! Unexpected and so overwhelming.... It's so hard to describe but it's just the best feeling in the world! I will get the chills and teary eyed every single time I look at this picture! Such a great experience....

Kade was born 9:22 am and this picture was taken about 4 hours later when we were placed into our recovery room. We had SO many visitors that day which was so awesome however getting any rest was a joke! Cole looks so tired and in love :) So far its my favorite picture of my boys!

I guess this is all for now considering I have a certain someone telling me he's hungry! :) Being a mom is the best role in the world! Having an amazing father/partner in crime I'm sure makes it that much better! I couldn't imagine doing it on my own. I love my family!