Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Besides the extended Price family Christmas party, the rest of our family Christmas' landed on Christmas eve and Christmas Day! Busy....definitely but always well worth it! Christmas eve we started at my parents just for dinner; we save the circus/presents for in the morning, and then took off to hang out at the Loefflers to see Katie and Steve and the rest of the gang. My mom went out of her way with dinner! She whipped up 10 Cornish game hens, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and my papas favorite creamed spinach! I didn't go for the spinach but the rest of it was AMAZING! Papa, Nanny, the Maassens (minus Stelli due to work :( ) Emma Jean and Wyatt and our little family all hung out and ate dinner. Rudy, Anna and Tony (Anna's brother who has been serving in Afghanistan) swung in for a while and had a quick dinner before going to their church service as well. I know I say it over and over but the holidays are the best! My family is way too awesome and I love getting together and enjoying just hanging out!

My uncle Jim can not get enough of Kade and it really is quite adorable! When he was first born we took a trip to Desert Canyon and Jim was deathly afraid of him. The night that I decided to make dinner for everyone it just so happened that it was me Kade and Jim in the the room for a while and I had my hands full with preparing and cooking, so I pretty much forced Jim in to picking him up and bringing him to me and ever since that he's been a sucker! Kade always has a big cheesy smile for him too. Christmas Eve Kade was loving Jimmys hat and all the playtime he was putting in! I just love this picture :) Talk about turning into something special when you have kids! You look ridiculous! All the special voices, the odd nicknames that really are only cute because it's a baby and who can forget all the really interesting faces that you would think would scare a baby to death! haha always something new!

So blessed!

Still wearing her apron! That thing only comes out on special occasions!

Daph, one of our BEST family friends stopped by to drop off some treats and say Merry Christmas. We absolutely love this girl and seeing her grow up SO fast makes me feel old because I used to babysit her starting when she was an infant! Not so little anymore!

Chili Bean and Wyatt

Dad and Booger.... Watching football of course

Getting some 'rides' from our fun Auntie Jean!

This kid absolutely LOVES being naked!! I have a feeling this could be trouble later down the road but for now we just love all the giggles and smiles we get from changing him! Makes diaper duty a lot better :)

Seriously NOT a light load anymore! Everyone who picks him up thinks I'm kidding or overreacting until they hold him for longer then 10 minutes! One would think I would have some pretty impressive guns by now...

Tommy boy and Kader getting some snuggles in. By the time we got to the Loefflers he was getting pretty darn tired!

And our second dinner of the night! :) Trick to the Holidays is learning how to take in food at a VERY slow pace and always making sure you're still a little bit hungry! Seems like there's always more!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Price's it is!

Sunday evening it was off the Leslie and Chuckies for the extended Price family Christmas party! Last year got called off due to HUGE snow drifts blocking the driveway.... gotta admit I'm missing it this year. Everyone managed to make it plus Granda Gloria. There is nothing better then getting together with family for me so this time of year to me is the best! Lots of getting caught up, too much food and thanks to me having my guitar out of tune, music from Tom :) This time last year I was 5 months pregnant and Cole was surprising me with presents to let me know the sex of Kade! We both can't wait to have another baby but it is Definitely on the back burner for now but seeing Lindsay 7 months pregnant and seeing Tom just stare at her tummy makes us both miss it! I think my hands were on her tummy for a good 80% of the night! As soon as we got home Coles comment was 'I miss it' haha out of no where. I'm so excited for them and the next couple of months to come!!

Nice little present! Hammin' it up....

Duke finding refuge in Aunt Karen.

Such a mamas boy!

So excited to meet this little boy!

This was killing me because while the boys love Duke it is usually shown in chasing and tormenting NOT cuddling! Sweet Kys!

Me and Prego Linds!

Cover of his break out album! haha

Papa and Booger

I just love Grandma Gloria! She's always so concerned with her hair and so when we walked in I had said ' Grandma look at your hair it looks so great!' For her this is a completely different look. Her response was 'Honey I don't think you've had a close enough look!' haha I told her she's too smart for going the natural look! Way too much money on up keep!

Playing hide and seek with some of my favorite boys!

Tackle Tom.... more like Spinning Tom! He starts this and never gets to stop!

Me Jules and our boys! Christmas Day for us is going to be a mad house but I can't wait!! So much fun...... I'm still holding out for a WHITE one!

Traditional parade!

Every year we get together at my parents house for the Christmas Lit parade along with the rest of the family and friends. It has always been an open house which is always fun because we get to see a lot of random people and kind of be a warm up spot. I swear the night of the parade always seems to be the coldest day of the year! This year was Kades first parade and lights are his FAVORITE thing so this was just perfect! It took him a while to notice a float was passing but as soon as he noticed it he went crazy! Auntie Lelah can never wait to get her hands on him and volunteered to hold him during the parade and was just amazed with how strong he has gotten!
Getting ready for the Parade to start! Not a better seat in the house! Nice and warm! :)

Rocks and a metal bowl! Loud.... but VERY entertaining!

I absolutely love this picture of my parents and Kader!

haha Completely enthralled!

Kade and Lawsen kinda had a fit over the GLASS ball that they probably should not have had their hands on in the first place!

I had told Cole I couldn't wait to get a picture with Santa for Kade this year and earlier that day our cousin Lindsay had called to tell us Santa was going to be North Washington Implement! :) haha Cole had to work so I packed Kade up and got our picture FREE and LINE FREE!! It was way too nice!! Hope every had a Merry Christmas!! :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

SICK AND TIRED of being sick and tired!!

Alright... Enough is enough! I know it's that time of year but I have also just about had it with all the germs circling around our house! A couple days before Thanksgiving Cole started feeling under the weather and that turned into that nasty flu bug going around and stuck around for several days! Poor guy.... So I was playing single parent and taking care of my boys because we didn't want Kade getting that even though he got his flu shot I still didn't want to take the risk. The last couple days of Cole being sick I started feeling ill but with something different. It started out just like a simple little cold and has now progressed into Bronchitis... I have found this to be more annoying then anything! I've been taking everything in the book hoping for something to work so I should either be feeling better soon or I'll just keel over of an overdose! haha I can see light at the end of this long tunnel and can hardly wait!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy birthday to you!

Rewind! Gosh sitting here and thinking about what memories I want to include on the blog I realize how much I've really missed.... I bypassed two of my favorite little guys birthdays! Kyler and Lawsen both had their 1 year birthdays in the same week! Both guys are movers and all over the place but Lawsen is the silent assassin and Kyler is the LOUD rattle n' roller! Both adorable and easy to love!
Cole is constantly (or so it seems) reminding me that it's not a competition and I know that but it's also a GREAT feeling when the gift you decide to purchase seems to catch their attention the most :) haha NOT A COMPETITION. Got it. It's kind of cheating when you go for the fun toy as opposed to something they actually need more like clothes or socks ;) Plus we like to add more noise to their household... Julie is always reminding me of payback so I'm making sure to make it all worth it! haha

Its always a great time when Grandma Gloria can make it to the party!

Not to sure about this....

Big brothers are there to instruct I'm sure...

Didn't take him too long to figure it out :) Lovin' the cake

Nice mess Ky Kys!

Soon to be parents Tom and Linds :) 

Memi and Kader

Brodes was being a tired little stinker and started throwing the balls everywhere but in the 'hoop' and refusing to pick them up.... it's a good thing hes so darn cute when he's tired!

I was surprised because Lawsen actually enjoyed opening the presents and needed to check every single one out, assessing them and then picking the favorites!

Talking story book is always a winner!

Bigger cousin Westyn showing the ropes

Little Avery was so cute! I think she was thinking this was a birthday party for her instead of Lawsen!

Grannie Em with her little monster. Every morning I bring him to her house no matter the mood he ALWAYS has a huge smile for her!

Nanny and Kade.... I just adore watching her with him! Talk about completely whipped.

Didn't take Lawsen too long to figure out the cake idea

My mom and Dad putting together the adorable giraffe rider they bought for Lawsen. Apple didn't fall to far from the tree! She's determined for him to love it and he did for sure!

Auntie Jean and Boogerbear

Johna Abby and Ashley telling Kade some stories and put him to sleep.

Both birthday were fun to see family and close friends, see the boys love all their new presents and definitely got me excited for Kades 1st birthday!