Sunday, October 7, 2012

Longview it is!

Grandma's service was planned to happen in Longview so we packed the troops and got on the road. With kids, two newborns especially, there is no such thing as a simple quick trip. I opened that morning, came home right after work to get everyone packed up and we took off! The trip down really was not as smooth as I was hoping for! Cole had to have his Dick's Burgers and missed the 45th exit so we took Denny Street and holy shit show. Sorry for the language but that 'little spats get blown out of proportion' talk in my earlier post...... Prime example! I was OVER IT! haha There is no way I could live in Seattle. It's a beautiful city and a city I like to visit but that's it. Nothing can beat our area to me. While we were exiting the babies started crying (hungry) and Kade threw up on himself! Between the lights that were green for 2 cars and the line up of 20 at each light the frustration grew! We can laugh about it now but theres nothing like your crying babies to make you want to HURRY UP AND GET THERE!

I am just so in love with this little mans personality. He has become so talkative and happy, and seems to smile everytime you look at him!
Ooooo oooh oh Miss! I just can't get enough of this picture and everyone else probably can! lol This little girl is just so stinking sweet and I feel like I have finally gotten into the putting girl outfits together :)

Julie and I sat on the lawn chairs chit chatting and taking pictures while all the boys swam. I didn't get near as many as I wanted because the pool room was fogging up my lens.....

Kader checkin out Kallen AKA Baby Candies. When he tries to say Kennadi it comes out 'Candies' and he will not say Kallen. They are two in one and both called Baby Candies haha

Mama Leslie and her boys

After the service and once we got home Julie and I decided since both families were all dressed up and nor so ironically matching/definitely planned..... we wanted to get some family shots. Everyone had had it but of course we forced it! This was the best one.

The service was beautiful, on such a sunny gorgeous day, alongside her grave site. Julie and I kept a little space with the boys and babies and tried to keep them busy. Fruit snacks, toys and a lot of questions to keep them thinking instead of running! Chris spoke on the families behalf and said it all perfectly. A gift he definitely has. As much as Cole wanted to talk, he's more of the emotional one and would not have been able to. I love our kids and always want them with us but I wish for the graveside service, it could have just been us so I could be by his side.

Afterwards, we met for coffee punch and cookies with everyone that came to pay respects. There was half of the people there that I knew and then there was the other half I had no clue of. Half way through the meeting some very darling, petite little lady came up to me and asked if Kallen and Kennadi were twins. After telling her they were, she proceeded to ask if she could hold Kennadi.  Definitely a little forward catching me off guard, I reluctantly said yes. She was sweet but I didn't know her..... It's a little weird. She sat right next to me and we talked for probably a good half hour. After the third person asked me if I was okay I started to wonder if anyone knew who this sweet lady was. Turns out she was at the wrong service! Poor thing, so sweet and good company really but I think she had everyone else just a little worried. My only problem with her was that she reeked of stale smoke. All up in my poor baby girls face! :( Oh well she lived and I met a new friend ;)

Two little water rats in a pod! So fricken cute to see these two interact!

The boys had a complete blast together running up and down the halls, traveling from room to room *across the hall* and basically owning the joint. The first night they had ran off and actually got yelled at by an old lady 'Now I'm not going to be listening to you guys all night long' haha at 8pm. Maybe I shouldn't be laughing but really? They're 6 and under! They'll be in bed soon enough... Hopefully!

The trip over all was great. A weight was lifted, we got to reminisce with family and Grandma was laid to rest. One of the days Julie and I even got away for a a shopping day...... actually a couple hours, but glorious couple hours. Only rule was we had to walk.... haha our on going joke. We felt like 15 year olds without a license! Chris and Cole packed up the kids and took them to the park! :) What guys huh?! Can't wait to see these boys a little Miss grow up together and create more memories! 9 more weeks and my newest little nephew will be joining the crew!! CAN'T WAIT!

For what was anticipated to be a heavy serious trip turned into a fun, crazy, busy and enjoyable trip. The way Gloria would've wanted it for sure!

See you soon Grandma Gloria

June 28, 1926 - September 23, 2012
September 23...... This is one of those posts that I'm not even really sure how to start. As I have tears in my eyes just just thinking about it. The thing is, it was time. That still just doesn't even feel right to say. I first got to meet Gloria my Sophomore year in high school and always remembered those eyes and laugh. When Cole and I got back together the first time I saw her again I introduced myself thinking she would not have remembered and boy was I wrong. 'Oh yes dear I remember you! Our Cole always had something special for you and I'm so happy for you both! Want a glass of wine?!'. haha My kind of lady I tell ya :)
These past couple of weeks have been extremely hard for me to see Cole hurt so badly. I have yet to lose anyone extremely close, and can't really speak on what it feels like but my heart was breaking. Not only was it sad for me to think we wouldn't get to see her here on Earth again but it shattered for Cole and the rest of the family. It's an odd position to be in, knowing you are the 'support' and not knowing what to do or what to say and trying to be strong and make things better. Usually I can make things better my bsing or making light of a situation but there was nothing that I felt I could do. I think that when you love someone so much it just naturally happens.
I've already said it but those eyes....... Eyes she passed down to Leslie who also passed down to Cole and Chris both. I love them so much because they make me feel like there is always a little more going on up there that isn't being told.

Cole was so close with grandma and through his college years got to spend a lot of time with her between random visits, dinner dates, prescription drop offs ;) The day Gloria left us was my first day back at work.... go figure. Cole wanted to make a quick trip in to see her before I left and when he got there he called and told me he wasn't coming home because he couldn't leave her. I wished so badly at that time especially there was something I could do but I just sat and prayed, helplessly. The whole family was thankful that Cole and Leslie could be there with her and for each other. It seems a little better knowing she was so very loved down to the very last second.

I'm so happy I got to capture some great pictures with her and Kade.

She always wanted to hold Kade any second she got only he was such a strong little guy I was worried he would kick right out of her hands. I just didn't have the heart to tell her no.
Something that will get tears in Cole's eyes every time is thinking of how our Kallen and Kennadi were born on Grandma's birthday, June 28! How cool is that. When we went to the hospital that day and they were monitoring us we got teary eyed thinking how it was her birthday because at the point she wasn't doing well. After they said I was for sure in labor and we were going to have these babies it was an overwhelming sense of 'this is how it was supposed to be' moment. Every year will be so awesome to celebrate them and think of her. In times like these especially it feels so great to know and love a God so good and to know that she is now in Heaven pain free and having all those men she out lived fighting for her again ;) Love you Miss Gloria Jean! We'll see you soon!

Chuckie's gotta work too

Chuck recently took a new job that has him still working at refineries only he could be 'placed' all over where it's needed. 90 percent of the time being either in Ferndale or Anacortes so it's been great! The current job though as taken our papa to Texas. A place where he has always wanted to go adventure around and see. Trying to be positive considering he could be gone for up to two months and with holiday season around the corner we're hoping that's not the case.

Before he had to take off, Julie and I decided to pack up the families and head over there for some hangout time and pizza to send him off.

Always a bit of a joke to try and get everyone looking let alone smiling. Look at all those boys.... and then my little Miss, my little Birdie sound asleep :) Hurry home and travel safe Chuckie!

I got you babe....

Well, its been a year and most can say they've accomplished a lot and it's true. Us on the other hand, maybe are a bit competitive and went above and beyond ;) Three perfect and beautiful babies, new home, new business, a job I love and a future that just seems to be endlessly blessed! Okay it didn't all happen in a year and maybe that's why it feels like this should be our 5th wedding anniversary instead! None the less by our one year anniversary our family may be or is at least close to being complete already! So in love and so happy.
I know a lot of great men out there but the difference is 'the perfect fit'. It's the chemistry, the consideration, complete trust and commitment. Cole is that fit for me and every day whether I'm happy with him or not I am always so thankful for him. Both being extremely passionate people, stupid little spats can get a little blown out of proportion. However, on the other side of things, he makes me feel so loved and appreciated at expected and unexpected times. I LOVE seeing him love on Kade, Kallen and Kennadi and find nothing more sexy that a loving and hands on daddy.
We managed to get away and have my parents to thank.... at least for that night! We first went out to eat at Big Fat Fish down in Fairhaven (one of our favorite places) got to sit down and have a quiet dinner and uninterrupted conversation. It's a beautiful thing! After dinner we walked down the road to Boulevard Park and got a coffee and watched the sun go down! I wish we could've really relaxed and made a late night of it like we used to at the park, but with the Kallen and Kennadi being so little still we made sure to get our still 'newlywed' butts back home. With three kids we never want to wear out our amazing sitters ;)

By the end of the night, while it was cut a bit short, I was ready to see, kiss, cuddle, and squeeze all three of  my little love bugs! I guess that's the name of the game being with them 24/7 and I love that as well.
My pride and joy right there..... Cheers to so much more Cole Carl! I love you.