Monday, May 30, 2011

Slow down May!!

The whole idea of this blog was to be able to remember details of life and to be able to look back and reminisce however, when I don't even have time to post, how is that even possible?!

May 4th..... Happy birthday to the best dad I know, the best friend I know, the most sexy and intelligent man I know and soon to be HUSBAND! Monday night I had the guys over (Dustin, Bill, Tom, Joe, Cole and I) cooked dinner and watched the game. Definitely a low key night but I love having people over and a birthday is the perfect excuse :) Cole's actual birthday night we went out to dinner with my family and the Price's to Syros, Cole's favorite! It's fun to get both the families together and Chris and Julie got to enjoy the evening kid free! The boys were missed dearly but it was nice to have some uninterrupted conversation!

May 6th... Performance Driving School officially became ours! I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for this new adventure and how happy I am to see Cole so ecstatic. He loves the kids and actually has quite the knack for teaching/instructing. Frank and Joy Mansfield have been complete angels through the whole process. It's great to have someone that we can trust and come to with any questions that have been in the business for several years. The fact that this fell into our laps, at the most perfect time, with such a perfect fit for us is such a blessing and we couldn't be more thankful!

May 8th... My very first Mother's Day! :) That's all I have to say about that. What an amazing label. I would say job, and it is work, but its a job I wouldn't trade for the world! I love my family to death and can honestly say I have never in my life been so happy. God keeps showing me everyday something to be thankful for and I can't help but be so excited for our future! My boys spoiled me and thanks to them I get the WORKS at THE Chrysalis Spa! Ahhh.... One of my favorite places is that steam room and it is calling my name!! :)

May 10th.... Happy birthday Cruiser! We didn't end up doing anything on the specific day with him being a work day but we did celebrate later! I called bright and early to say happy birthday and he says 'man everyone is calling me' haha popular boy I'd say! :)

May 19th.... BIG day! Happy birthday Brodes and Kader! Its so cool that as cousins they can share their day. Maybe as kids not as cool but as parents it's pretty cool :) Jules told Brody it was Kades birthday too and he wasn't too fond of the idea however, when Julie Crew and Brody came to pick Kade and I up for the park he couldn't wait to tell me it was Kades birthday and Happy Birthday to Kade! :) Sweet and Sour is the perfect description of Brodes.

I couldn't find my camera when I left the house so I had to take this from Julie, but we went to Boulevard Park for the boys birthday and got beautiful weather! Meghan and Emma and Wyatt met us out there as well. It was actually quite relaxing and enjoyable! Wyatt was great with the boys so us girls got to chat and hang out :) Costco.... Another story! haha

May 21st.... Cruiser and Brodes birthday party! I wish I had some pictures from that day but I was too busy talking or taking pictures for Jules! :( I figured it was more important for her to have picture on her camera and a girls only got so many hands! Chris and Julie ended up renting a HUGE bouncing gym for the party and that served as entertainment the whole day for the kids! Pretty sure they packed up every single toy that had wheels as well. Too many to count by the way! After most of the kids had left I took Kade into the bouncing gym... not going to lie I couldn't wait to get in there! I now have an excuse to do all of the kid stuff and watch all the kid movies and claim to be a good parent that just wants to include my baby! haha Selfishly guilty! Anyway, he LOVED it. I can already tell he can't wait to be chasing around his crazy cousins!

May 22nd..... KADER'S 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! I'll do a special post for this one otherwise this one could go all day! :)

The kicker to all of this is that the wedding is now less than 3 months away!! I cannot wait any longer! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Family day in LaConner in search of tulips!

For as long as I have lived in Whatcom County AKA Lynden my whole life I have not once seen The Tulip Fields! I have always wanted to and for some reason this time of year has always been my busiest! It was usually my soccer getting back up and going again with Rangers and to me that was always heaven. As of now, soccer is over.... at least with playing on a WFC (Rangers) team but now we have both Cole and Kades birthdays along with Crew, Brody, my Papa, Auntie Lelah, the John, Meghan and Toms birthdays! Talk about a cluster and this year we're adding weddingS! Our family has had multiple wedding showers soon bachlorette parties and weddings! It's extremely exciting but also very time consuming. Putting that all aside Cole and I made it happen! I was WAY too excited and it was turning out to be a really pretty day!

We got into LaConner and saw what would be all these gorgeous fields with ZERO flowers! They all looked like they were just freshly harvested and turned! Talk about disappointing! We drove all over and I knew we were cutting it close but we were told the festival was still going on for a couple more days so we just assumed there were going to be flowers still! We decided to hop on into town and hang out. We figured it was a nice day, we drove all this way, we better at least do something out of the norm and even though I was totally bummed it turned out to be SO fun anyway! LaConner is actually a really cute town (again had never been) and being with my family I should've known flowers or no flowers it would have been a great day! While we were shopping and looking around I found a blown glass chandelier (the picture doesn't do it justice but you get the point) that I fell in love with! $3000 told me Cole wasn't going for it so I didn't hold my breath! :)

Once we were done with town and ready to head home we packed everything up and got on our way. Cole and taken a wrong turn which in his defense is easily done there.... but I did inform him of the correct way. ;) Turned out to be a GREAT mistake because we stumbled across this absolutely beautiful field FULL of red and purple tulips! YES! All I wanted was a family picture and some of Booger next to some flowers! My day couldn't have been more perfect and Cole then reassured me that he 'knew' where he was going. Seriously.....

The flowers were SO pretty but my men are SO very handsome! :)

This kid was hilarious with the flowers! We had a guy that was 'monitoring' the flowers and kept walking past us kind of giving us a hint like 'get your kid out of the flowers maybe?' I felt bad but they were good picture opportunities! Anything for a picture right moms? haha 
I guess I figured if we really ruined one of them I would just pay him for it....
Everything inevitably ends up in our mouth! Both Cole and I will be very happy when this stage is over!

What a lovely end to a beautiful family day! This will definitely be a yearly event now for us but next time we might not try to cut it so close! :)