Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Patience Ivory

Joe and Patience Thompson are the owners of Patience Ivory Photography and are not only extremely talented but are also great people! I randomly met Patience through work and we got to talking about life in general. Joe had been deployed and not only was serving but was also a professional photographer for the military. After his deployment, he came home and they have been trying to get their photography out there in the local community.

I told Patience that I was pregnant and at the time I was about 4 months along and started picking her brain on what their prices looked like. I have a great camera and am very capable of taking pictures, however there is nothing like some professional photographs and a sitting scheduled that makes you get certain milestones. She told me their prices and I kind of shrugged it off thinking they can't be that good considering any photography around here that's any good is off the charts expensive and I hate to say it, overpriced.

I went home and looked up their FB page and snooped a bit. To my surprise, their work was amazing!! I was so excited and could not wait to call Patience and get them booked ASAP! At the time *a special* we signed up for a maternity, hospital NB, Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year sittings all with CDs and rights to photos after every shoot all for $600! A-mazing!

I realize there are a lot of sittings but they will take pictures of the whole family individually and altogether. Eventually, there will be some awesome pictures in there that I will cherish! Here are a few of my favorites so far......

I got SOO big! As much as I do honestly love being pregnant, I am happy that's over ;)

I don't know if I have ever loved a photograph as much as I love the one of Kade grabbing Cole's face and giving him a kiss. So sweet -- Funniest part was he had a poopy diaper the whole time he was on Cole's shoulders HA!

Something about baby feet....

Our sweet babies a day old

I could not be more in love with this man.... seeing the person you love with your kids takes it to a whole other level!

Always my baby....


I really wish we had Kader in this picture! Dangit

So precious! My Aunt Bonnie crocheted these cocoons! Who woulda thought she had a crafty bone in her body.

Big brother!

The babies room and the accent wall I had to have! Actually turned out to be really simple and I'm just a bit OCD

Side note.... the decals behind us were NOT so simple to get up. So many little extensions!

My life right there..... So so so in love and SO incredibly blessed!
Life right now does have it's sleep deprived moments but they are getting so close to sleeping through the night! YAY! Miss Kennadi probably would if her brother wouldn't wake her up, but I want to keep them together. So far their last bottle is at 10 or 11 and then sleep till 3 or 4 and only Kallen wakes up for that one. He literally eats and falls back asleep before he's done. Then they both wake up around 6 or 6:30 ish and then usually fall back asleep till 8 ish. They're still pretty sleepy but are becoming more and more awake. Our weekends are rough because we're always on the go but by Monday afternoon I usually have them back on track.
Officially they are two months old today and on Thursday morning we are heading over to Chelan with the whole family and the Maassens. I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are! :) VACA!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Penthouse Suite....

.....Of the hospital that is! When they first brought us into the 'large' room we were so excited to have so much space, to be at the end of the hallway away from most noise and even an extra special bed for Cole that I kind of forgot about having to stay a couple extra days. Needless to say my butt, back, hips and any other part of my body could not wait to get the heck out of dodge when that third day came around no matter how I felt. I was just thankful that the babies were doing so well and they gave us the go ahead!

Because we were there for so long we got an extra amount of visitors (which we love!) and of course I was awful with the camera and didn't get everyone that came.... In fact I missed most. Dangit! Here's what I could find between everyones pictures..... I'm going to have to make up for some very important people being missed including Chuck and Leslie, Rudy and Anna, Emma and Wyatt. Talk about upsetting!

Gaga Kennadi and Kader about to give his sister some kisses

Nanny..... I love this woman and I know I will cherish these pictures!

Papa.... This man has such a special place in my heart! Those big ol' mitts are just about as big as my babies!

My boys! This picture just melts my heart!!

Chris and Jules

Me and my fasha

Deja Vu?! haha We have really been enjoying seeing my parents with the babes. They are naturals and have definitely done this before! My mom especially is an amazing woman capable of a LOT! One of the best mentors when it comes to babies :)

After three days and only little visits here and there I could not wait to get my Kader back and start the process of 'gelling' together as a family of five. I'm not really the first to burst into tears or be that touchy and still am not however, having kids I think brings that out more and more, but the first day home I was a hot touchy mess! I think the whole adjustment period effected me more than anyone.

The guilt I had for not having as much cuddle/play/talk/hang out time for Kade was a killer! I'm sure the hormones didn't help a dang bit, but still! Cole would just try to talk to me about everyday stuff and I would start crying! What the?! I could not for the life of me stop it and he just kept asking are you going to be okay and giving me hugs (didn't help). More attention the worse it got! Thank goodness that only lasted one day but it wasn't fun and was such a weird feeling not being able to control it!

Now that we're all settled in and adjusted and doing great, I have days of feeling like super mom and doing great and then I have days of OH MY GOODNESS 'What in the world am I doing?!' haha in my defense we have more of the first kid of days than second ;) Life is so great...Not perfect and kind of a mess at times but perfect to me. I kinda like crazy and out of control sometimes.... What a boring life it would be if it weren't.....right? haha