Monday, January 24, 2011

Melt my heart!

I couldn't resist... This post will be short and sweet! Cole and I were putting together Boogers toys from Christmas and didn't realize that he was paying such close attention to this certain toy....

So it might go on a little long; definitely being proud parents and just the simple fact that a baby's laugh to me is the best sound in the world! God is so good and my family it truly such an amazing blessing!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

And they're off!

The family got together the Sunday before they were taking off to say goodbye and give their best wishes for safe travels and amazing adventures! I love how supportive and close knit our family is. We always have had this way of finding reasons to get together and you won't ever find me complaining!

Oh Uncle Rudy!  Not only does Kade love Rudy but I think he also LOVES being up so high!

Lexa with the boys

Kader was pooped and Ashley couldn't wait to get her hands on a cuddly baby!

Some of the best women I know!

Abs and Booger

Westyn and his missing tooth! He couldn't wait to tell/show everyone his new findings. Apparently losing teeth equals receiving money! If you didn't know....

The time came to send Rudy and Anna off and beings their flight left late and out of Seattle, the three of us didn't make the trek.... Instead we met them at my parents house to say a quick good bye! :( I know that its just a trip and that they will be coming home but the 'worst case senerio' part of me comes out every once and a while and thinks 'sometimes bad things happen' and 'what would I do with out my twin brother! - or Anna :)' They've both been through this a lot and are smart about traveling so I'm praying for their safe travels and also that they just have such a great time!

Chili Bean couldn't get off work so we went to her to say good bye

Baby kinda looks good on them ;)

Rudy is funny because for the most part we like to give each other a run for our money and dish out a lot of crap however, he is one of the most sensitive people I know! He kept saying how he was going to miss Kade  and that he was going to grow so much while he was gone. I told him that we would get skype and make sure he doesn't miss out on too much. I got countless amounts of I love you Bec 's and I'm going to miss you. Big ol' sap :)

Lots of kisses and late night makes for a tiiiiiiired baby!

Ready set GO!! This is everything they are taking for 4 1/2 months!! haha I suppose if I thought about everything I pack I have to haul, I could do that but it would be VERY difficult. Not to mention what you would buy while you were there and either have to ship back (not cheap) or find somewhere to pack it and there was not much room left in those packs!

Not a week into their trip I got an email from Rudy saying that they had made it to Ecuador safely and were currently sitting on the rooftop of their hostel drinking cheap wine and eating potato chips! :) I love the pictures he paints for me! I can't wait to get to Skpe or get another email..... I miss those two crazy kids already and I have to wait MUCH longer before I get to give a big fat hug!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcoming yet another GREAT year!

2010 has treated us well and has also given us a lot to look forward to in 2011 including finally getting MARRIED! :) While we already live the 'married' life we're extremely excited for our day and a little party!

For new years we went to my parents house to celebrate and ring in the new year. It's low key but fun! We bring out the horse race table, gamble a bit, have a few cocktails and enjoy the company! I ended up getting real lucky this year and doubled my money!!! So exciting considering I ALWAYS lose! I figure it's gotta come back sometime right? We had the usual crowd with my family and then added the Prices this year. Chris had to work so Julie packed up the boys and came over for a bit as well as Chuckie and Leslie.


These two busy bodies are only a week apart and are going to be breakin some hearts at Lynden in about 14 years! Seems like a long time from now only I'm sure it wont take too long...

 The mamas and their babies...

And then there are the gamblers!

Taylor teaching Lawsen young! :)

The whole fam damily!

Oh Meg :)

The Van Ry ladies

Here's to a new year, new memories and new beginnings!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day BUSY day!

Alarms went off at 6:15 am and Cole and I rolled out of bed got Kade together and drove off to my parents house to start Christmas off with Breakfast and presents! My phone started going off at about 6:30 with text message after text message and I called it before even looking at it, I told Cole.... Emma Jean! This girl kills me! I am SO NOT a morning person and while I am extremely excited for Christmas and time with family I like to kind of move at my own pace-Cole will vouch for that haha! Jean and Rudy both when we were all under the same roof would come and jump on my bed and rip my blankets off to get me up and even then I would just mess with them a bit and take even more time! I laughed a little thinking to myself how this year they had zero control on whether or not I was getting up or not! Maybe if we didn't have such a busy day I would have taken more time! Anyway, we got to my mom and dads and my mom already had breakfast finished and sitting in the oven ready to go! Impressive... Cole Kade and I even beat my Brother and Anna there! Finally the last of the mohicans arrived and we got started with our gifts. I know Christmas is not about presents however I love nothing more then a good surprise and this year I didn't know anything that I was getting so I was EXTREMELY excited! We got SO overboard spoiled this year and we LOVED everything! We've had such a great year of health with the whole family and so many GREAT things happening which is more than enough already!

He specifically picked these Ecco golfing shoes and sent the email to my mom..... Completely forgot about it all! Maybe our lives are just a tad busy! haha Like I said nothing like a good surprise!

Booger and Auntie Anna!

Our Giant Uncle Rudy and Auntie Anna! Sad to say they leave us for four and a half months in a couple days! These two crazy kids are our travel bugs and are heading to South America next! :( This isn't our first time saying buy for a while but it is hard not seeing them as often as we do! Rudy's back packed Europe by himself and did Study Abroad to New Zealand and Australia as well. Anna taught English in China as well as traveled to Thailand. Between the two of them they will soon have hit just about everywhere! We live vicariously through them! Love you guys and wish you safe travels!!

We were finding Anna pretty funny

Dishin up some breakfast :) is it bad that we did presents first? haha

Us kids

My little family :) What a great year we have had!

After the craziness at the Van Ry's we headed over to the Prices where it gets just a tad more crazy and a 'tad' more loud! The boys really do add a lot more noise to the adult company however we are SO thankful that Kade has some fun and crazy cousins to hang out with! We can't wait to see them grow up together! We got a second breakfast *not like you can't get enough food in in the holidays!* and got our second round of gifts and family!

Grandma Gloria just can't get enough of Kade when we see her and I really don't blame her considering we don't get to see her near as much as we should or like! It's definitely something we need to work a LOT harder on!

This crazy lady is still getting onto the floor!!! I told her that we could come her but she didn't want to wait!

Papa has the touch..... everytime! Putting the fact that this was nap time aside he really can get him to sleep everytime we come over. Memi gets the smiles right off the bat and papa puts him to sleep! What more could we ask for!

Crew of course as soon as we walk in the door is ready to 'tackle' us and play! Brodes and Kyler both have really followed suit but we love it because we see them and they come running! It would be horrible if they never wanted anything to do with us. We get our names shouted and then it's a dead sprint followed by a quick hug and then tickling and tackling! :)

Grandma even got some loving!

So tired! Being such a trooper....

Chris and Julie really out did themselves by getting him a Lynden Lions sweatshirt and duffel bag! Pretty classic for Lynden and now Cole can not wait to get to a game to show it off!

Crew being the older and oh so wise cousin was showing Booger how to open presents! Even though we all knew he couldn't wait to open more it was really sweet!

We are starting to see the longing in Kades eyes to be up and going with the rest of the boys! Scary? A little but we think it's going to be so fun!

Kade loved the paper more than any toy we put in front of him!

Bobos just tuckered out!

Bringing this morning to a halt we had such a GREAT time and got completely spoiled! We love our families and really couldn't ask for anything more! What a great Christmas!