Sunday, February 13, 2011


With all the hustle n' bustle and constant on-the-go lifestyle we have been adjusting with sometimes good quality time for Cole and I can be put on the back burner. Sad to say but it's true! Kade always comes first and I would love to say that we always are a close second but we are ALWAYS on-the-go. Either to spend time with the family, friends, work, working out, my bunco nights :) haha the list really just could go on forever! I had told Cole that I had had it and I wanted a night just to ourselves and that I wanted to go and do something special. I was thinking a day in Seattle just to lay low and bum around but no California it was!! He totally went above and beyond my thoughts and I couldn't have been more excited however this meant we were leaving Booger behind and I was just a tad uneasy about that! We had yet to have a night away from him let about a couple! He had been telling me that it wasn't that big of a deal and to not get too excited but anytime where we can just hang out and enjoy each other for me is more than enough! I went to go check the computer... probably facebook or something.... and he had left our itinerary on the desktop for me to find! haha I love that grin that he gets on his face when he's up to something! Granted he can drive me crazy sometimes but I feel like the luckiest girl out there! I love my Cole babe, Cole Carl, Cole Bear :)

Our first day we took a trip over to his college  Azusa Pacific University. It's kind of our staple stop when we are in Cali. We usually do Chapel and hang out for a long while but this time we were busy busy and trying to cram in a lot of stuff with not that much time! So we stopped by the bookstore stocked up on some gear and took off! We stopped by our favorite Starbucks had our coffee and got to talk with ZERO interruption! :) We finally got to the Trendwest and got everything situated in Anaheim and went for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. The hotel/condos were GORGEOUS! We ended up taking our dessert home and had a couple drinks on the rooftop in the hot tub! Who would've thought that Anaheim would have such a beautiful view!

The second day we totally pulled tourist day and took the Hollywood bus tour.... such nerds I know but i loved it! Took a walk around Rodeo Dr pretending like we actually belonged! Yeah right but I got to see The Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel.... Pretty Woman and pretty cool! It was a busy but fun day and it's going to take me a while to get the pictures up from that day only because I took it on our little camera and it's not easily compatible with the lab top and I really didn't feel like hauling around the SLR.

Our third  day was totally more my element! We went to the beach and did the boardwalks and actually got to lay out in upper 70's low 80's in JANUARY!! So crazy but so awesome! I've been having a hard time wanting to be in a bathing suit since Kade and working on getting my body back haha but it did not even faze me while we were there! We were completely relaxed and enjoying ourselves! This day, however, was the day that not having Kade with us really started to take it's toll. It was so weird to not have our little guy and really just felt like half of me was missing! Being a mom is the greatest privilege out there but it's busy! Not waking up in the morning to start it off with my wonderful smiles and cuddles as well as a feeding and diaper change was just offputting. We called more then we should have I'm sure and were probably getting a bit annoying but we needed the play by play :)

 Ahhh! The sunshine seriously felt SO good and really in all seriousness needed! I can only do the rain/gloom and doom for so long! The company only made it that much better ;)

Our fourth and final day and we mistakenly spent it in the room to watch the Seahawks! While it could have been amazing they played like poo and totally ruined it! We both would have much rather spent those hours at the beach again!

I love California but Cole definitely loves it more! It's his home away from home and he completely lights up while hes there! I have a feeling that at some point in our lives we will end up living there and I'm not opposed to it! However, it's not going to happen for a LONG while now that our focus is family and soon enough more babies! Just the other day Cole told me 'I want a baby girl' haha I had to laugh a little because before we were even pregnant we talked about marriage babies and the whole kit n' caboodle and he always said I'm ruined if we have girls! :) And he will be a complete sucker. Anyone who knows Cole knows that he quietly puts his heart on his sleeve and loves deeply. He's always the one to go to bat for someone and I'm certain girls would make him crazy! Just to think about the 'dating' aspect later on in life makes me crazy to try and keep him under control!

California you were too good to us! I'm sure we'll be back soon!