Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The big ONE

Well, now that we're working on 18 months I figured it's about time to blog about his big FIRST birthday. It's funny as a first time mom I wanted everything to be so perfect and have everyone there for him but he didn't care! What he loved were seeing other kids play and the cake. Cole and I don't really give him sweets, mainly because he eats everything else so well and loves it, so the cake was a whole new world. The day started out rainy and ugly and by the time the party was about to start it was hot, sunny and beautiful! To me there aren't too many better places than my parents back yard so I was a happy girl!

The amount of gifts the kid got was ridiculous considering he really didn't even understand what was going on. I love any reason to get family and friends together and this time I took the credit. :) I made sure to get all the food, decorations and cute invitations altogether. I cooked in the house, my dad maned the grill and eventually we all got to relax and enjoy the evening :)

I have a hard time sometimes thinking about where life is at and how great it is. I often find myself feeling guilty and not worthy of what the man upstairs has so graciously given my family and I. I now have an amazing HUSBAND (still not used to saying that) and our baby is healthy happy and growing! Does it get much better? We have such supportive family and friends and continually are reminded just how truly blessed we are. 

Papa and Memi

Papa and Gaga

Cole and I have experienced so many 'firsts' this year and while they just keep coming, the first birthday was definitely a blast and one to remember! Our closest friends and family there to help celebrate our lil' man made it so special. I ran my butt off making everything just perfect, the sun was shinning after a morning of pouring rain and Kade was just his normal laid back self and took it all in.

Kader, you mean the world to your Mommy and Dada and it's a sure thing we couldn't imagine life without your beautiful always smiling face and laid back sweetheart personality. I for one am SO excited to see this guy grow, I just selfishly don't want it moving too quickly! I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be! Happy birthday Lovebug!