Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy birthday baby boy!

I have a two year old....... So hard to really comprehend and at the same time I love where we're at! He is so entertaining, so full of energy and I find him to be so funny. He's our little charmer for sure and knows when to love at all the right times. For sure an independent and strong willed little guy which is not surprising :) Its hard to believe that it still surprises me how much love I have for him and all the goals and aspirations I want and have for him. My little love bug. :)

This year we got to get together with our family and close friends on Kade's actual birthday Saturday May 19. We again this year got dealt gorgeous weather and I got to enjoy watching Kade take it all in. Not that he didn't take it in his first birthday but this was completely different. He's old enough to be very involved and know exactly whats going on and maybe even give certain people 'the business' :)

My little family :)

Kade's day started out with a good nap considering I knew he was going to be beat! It's a must some days.

I love how when the presents come out everyone needs to help :)

I loved the fact that I wasn't opening presents this year!!

The piece he got on his plate wasn't good enough apparently.

The Coop Car was a huge hit from Auntie Juju Uncle Piss and the boys! He loved just sitting in it and says 'See ya, mom! I you!' His 'I you' is his I love you. We're still working on saying love haha

Some other big hits is the light saber from the Loefflers, Basketball hoop from Papa and Memi, the jungle animals from Papa and Gaga and the horse figurines from the Boumas. He plays horse on a daily basis! We don't have any horses around but have watched the movie Tangled and lot and he took a liking to Max quickly!

His two year stats : 3 ft flat in height, 30 lbs and 4 oz and super healthy! Exactly what we wanted to hear. :) To date we have still yet to have any bad flu bugs or ear infections *knocking on wood* and can only hope the ride with the twins can be similar! :) Happy birthday Love bug!!

Price babies!!

It is such a special time right now for the whole Price family having four of us gals pregnant and Rachel and JJ just having their sweet baby boy Otto! Before the birth of Otto we decided to get together and do what I and a lot of moms love and talk baby and anticipation, the what if's and what happens when's and of course the baby stories for those of us who already had one or in Julie's case three!

Rachel and JJ had Otto in May, Cole and I will hopefully be having out babes in June, Elizabeth and Rich are due November, Lindsey and Tom are due in October and then Pissy and Hulie in December! Altogether adding six more precious lives to the family which is more than doubling what we already have! SO much fun and all of us are so excited to see what Christmas is going to look like and getting everyone together!

BABIES!!!!! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

All about the Mamas

Well not only do I now have two amazing Mama's - one of blood and one by marriage, I also get to celebrate the day being a mama. I know it's not my first year but every year is just so awesome. We went to Lexa and Tay's house for the first stop of the day and got dealt some amazing weather! They put up a slip n' slide and had the kiddie pool out for the little ones and Kade loved it!

Such a water rat!

Baby Ezra..... What a CHUNK!!

Kade didn't stop with the slip n' slide and went down it any which way you could imagine saying 'WEEE' every time! It's amazing how much entertainment and joy one little body can bring. He's my little charmer for sure.

The first icecream cone found it's way in the pool and went swimming, so cousin Stelli being the sucker she is for Kade gave up her cone when he came running.

Crashed so hard :)

These days my energy level has definitely gone down especially considering I'm running after and caring for a 2 year old. I wouldn't change a thing and know that this is still nothing compared to where we'll be in a few more weeks. The camera apparently never made it out for the Price's get together but as always it was a nice night of catching up with the adults and the boys running around. Jules Leslie and I took our day and got coffee, pedicures and lunch and made sure to take our time :)

My boys made a point of taking care of me and giving me even more lovin' than the normal and I for sure wasn't complaining. Life is good :) 


Crew and Brodes got such a beautiful day for their birthday! Talk about mayhem with millions of kids running around, two bouncy houses, cake pops, pinatas and crashin' cars with Memi! What a great day! I think that even a lot of parents were there and hanging out we were very much out numbered :)

I love how all kids start thinking it's their birthday when the presents come out! They just can't help themselves.

This just cracked me up..... Fitting that she is just about as big as some of these kids, Memi jumped on the plasma cars and road around with them encouraging the crashing! Kade and Kys especially getting a HUGE kick out of the whole deal.

Arianna and Kade took a liking to each other as well. For most of the day we found them together either on the gator -- Arianna driving! or in the bouncy houses. It was pretty cute :)

I obviously was a little lazy with the picture taking but it was such a great day and as always we had a good time!


Kader LOVES his cocorn! One night I put him down at our usual bed time around 8 pm and he would not give it up. So finally around 10 pm I got him out of bed and decided he could hang out for a bit till he finally crashed. Out of no where he started yelling 'COCORN COCORN!' and ran to where I have our popcorn maker and demanded that I made some. Cole and I just started laughing and thought seriously?! This kid is hilarious and always has something new. In my opinion on of the funnest parts of being a parent! We decided to heck with it and made a bowl and even gave him some chocolate milk and made a party out of it.

I just can not get enough of this kid! The biggest honor ever is getting to be his mama. So easily I can be brought to tears with the simple thought of how happy I am and how thankful I am of my family. I can't wait to meet these two little ones that are so quickly on their way! 

Two of the most handsome men I have ever seen ;)

These are my favorite kind of nights and I know some people will say it's a no no but Cole and I have never been and more then likely won't ever be strict scheduled type of people. Organized and clean oh my yes, but never too scheduled to miss the good stuff. After the cocorn, we all three snuggled up and watched 'NEEIIIIIIGGGGGHHH' (that's supposed to be a horse neighing) aka Tangled. Kade has the best horse impression ever--Just ask! ;)

Easter Sunday

Yes that is how behind I am.... Doing an Easter post in June! Oh man, anyway.

First stop of the day was the Lautenbach side over at my Aunt Johna and Uncle Marks. An absolutely beautiful house and absolutely dangerous for little runners like my Kader! Cole and I spent a lot of the time running after him running towards the blackberry bushes or down the HUGE hill. A little tiring I think would be an understatement! I feel like a broken record in saying this on just about a daily basis (or so it seems) but I just think the world of my family and love everyone of them to death. It's always a good time and always plenty of really good laughs. Not to mention always good food and when you're pregnant it's that much better :) Something Cole always compliments me on is my cooking and I have all the women in my family to thank for that!

I don't think it was even 15 minutes into us being there that Kader took a crash on the aggregate steps and bonking his head real good. My tough little. The on going joke is that he needs a helmet for everyday use! I love that he is balls to the wall and no fear but I hate seeing him get hurt.

Of course we did an Easter egg hunt...... Kade would literally after every egg he got to, sit down, open it and eat the candy. Took us a while to collect several eggs :)

Me and my boys :)

Bubbles were a hit! My mom bought Kade and Lawsen non-spill bubble holders and they both went to town. Kade decided that everyone else should be able to enjoy them as well.... Here's Auntie Johna getting her 'turn'!

Next stop on the agenda was Leslie and Chuckies place and really I was exhausted. I felt bad but after talking to Julie and hearing her basically say everything I was feeling made me feel that much better! haha It was such a nice and relaxing evening and even though our boys are very busy it's the perfect place to go because they can just run like crazy and play with each other!

Its funny to see the interaction between all the boys with Kader. Crew is Kades bodyguard and helper, Brody for whatever reason has turned into Kades competition or leader and Ky's is our buddy big time. We leave to go home and all we hear is Ky ky! We also hear a lot about Juju.... yes he loves his Auntie but I think she spoils that boy rotten as well ;)

More bubbles!

And yet another egg hunt that took forever!

Julie found these adorable outfits for the boys and we tried our darnest to get a good picture of all 4 of them. I think we were actually fairly successful! I can't help but look at these pictures and try to image adding three more next year :) Growing families.... I can hardly wait!

The end of the night we tossed all four of them into the big bath tub and scrubbed them all down. We all got out and dressed and Kader went missing...... I knew exactly where the kid went and found him sitting in the tub with enough water and bubbles to get plenty wet and make a mess. Perfect considering we were already stretching the clothing we brought! Oh well right?!

 The day was over and bed time had finally come. We have been so blessed with amazing family, amazing health and so many more happenings in the next coming year! It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday events and not necessarily think about how much of a miracle it all is. So so very thankful :)

The Embassy

If we ever need just a quick get away the Embassy Suites Hotel in Seattle is where we like to go. For both of us, it has always been a special place and we hope to continue that with our kids!
Cole and I decided that before I get too tired and we really get into the swing of things with the twins coming that we take a quick family getaway. We planned to head down and take advantage of the happy hour and pool and then do the Woodland Park Zoo the next day, however, it DUMPED down rain the whole time! Gotta love that..... Looks like the zoo will have to wait for another year :) As usual happy hour was fun and the pool was short lived because for whatever reason the kids in the pool scared Kade and he wasn't having it. Where we had the most fun, of all places, were the hallways and elevators. Allll night :)

Oh and the carts!

The hot tub ended up being a bigger hit... A little more quiet and a little less crazy.

It's hard to imagine that next time we do this we'll be a family of five and a lot more busy!