Thursday, March 22, 2012

Round 2

December 23rd was the date we put in the books as our first appt for baby number 2 so we thought. Turned out the night before I got the 24 hour flu and decided to reschedule--I never want to be the one to get a pregnant woman sick or their babies for that matter. I could right away tell that this pregnancy was VERY different from Kades. With Kade I literally felt like I breezed through it without a care besides the fact of putting on weight that I just had to get over :) This time I found myself with some 'morning' sickness - never to the point of throwing up thank goodness- and pure exhaustion! More than anything just being so tired.
At the very beginning I told Cole that I wasn't sure about telling anyone because something just didn't feel right and the loss of a pregnancy is not something I feel like discussing with everyone no matter how open I am. To say that the first appt felt like forever to finally arrive is a complete understatement. Bellingham OB really weren't very happy with me for cancelling and told me I wasn't able to get in for another month which at that point put us out of the first trimester. I was stressed however, I remembered that with Kade we were already that far along as well.
January 17th finally came and Dr. Mallory it was. I feel bad saying this now but after the last go around I really did not care for him and what I thought was lack of professionalism. This time I'm not sure what changed but both Cole and I fell in love with him! (God moment I think because not feeling comfortable with the doctors is the last thing I want!) We did the whole check up and in the middle of it told me to put my hand over where my cervix is and told me "do you feel that?" and I said yes; more like felt it..... just a tad painful and unnecessary. What I felt was a bump bump and at the time I didn't think anything of it however we got to the good stuff ULTRASOUND :) and as soon as he inserted the wand we saw two spines and two rib cages vertically side by side and he quickly took it out and asked "How are you guys doin?" with a grin, Cole and I both looked at each other and both broke out with a hysterical laugh. At this point everyone in the room knew what was going on and I just said 'Theres two!" Congratulations it's twins! I wish I kept a journal to really try to put into words what it all felt like. Dr. Mallory gave us a couple minutes to really watch them and try to take it all in and I'm pretty sure he was just as excited as we were! <-maybe that's why my opinion changed so drastically. They told us to take a week and come in again and do another ultrasound and we thought whatever at the time but brilliant idea now looking back.
After our appt I went straight to work and I can tell you a little 5 hour shift felt like a lifetime. While it was a HUGE shock I could not wait to tell my family and especially my brother. Having such a special bond with him and growing up a twin, this just meant so much. I finally got off and we went to Chuck and Leslies and showed them the ultrasound picture. I still laugh at Leslie when she first looked at it because she wanted to say something like 'how cute' or something about a feature but she had to ask us what was what. Cole went over to her and said well this is a head and this is another head. haha Her face along with Chuckies was just priceless. She right away said exactly what I said in the appt room 'oh shit' hahaha One of the many reasons why I love that woman!
Straight after we went to my parents house and I was chomping at the bit. I gave my mom the sonogram and said  'wanna see your babies?' Total brain fart moment. I wanted to see if she would notice right away having gone through this herself. She looked at me and said BABIES?! I immediately went oh crap and she thought I just was having a brain fart moment and said ies instead of baby. So I got covered without even trying! haha She looked at the picture and said 'Oh my gosh..... BABIES!' haha She couldn't say anything naughty because some daycare kids were still there but mom my and I both broke into tears and just kept saying I can't believe it! It still at 6 months is so surreal but so special to share with my mom. I love having her there for advice and questions  and even though the pregnancy (knocking on wood) has been going really smoothly and so far easy as far as pregnancy goes it's still fun to just talk about.
We made a bunch of other rounds with the families and got the same response from just about everyone :) My brother got teary eyed and got so excited and said lets hope for a boy girl! My sister was just as excited as she was with Kader and my Papa (who is also a twin-boy girl like Rudy any I) got all red faced rubbed his hands together and just laughed. The funny thing is all of the twins in our family are boy girl dy dy twins but first borns, so when Kade came around I thought we kind of missed the boat but I was very wrong :)
Just a week later at our appt we found out at 14 weeks that they were in fact dy dy (fraternal) boy girl twins! We were amazed to find out so early but still had reservations with the Price track record, boys boys and more boys. That and I was all too excited about hearing there was a girl in the mix that I didn't want to completely get my hopes up. Turns out that she was right and we really do have a little princess and that they were two separate pregnancies conceived and two different days! haha Guess that's what we get for 'trying' this time around!
So much excitement and so much to be getting ready but I feel like we are already pretty much there. Now just the last few little things to do and we'll be as ready as we can be:) So excited to meet them!

I'm really not a fan of the pregnancy pictures but I really want to try to keep track by taking a monthly photo. I'm sure this belly is going to be HUGE by the end but that means healthy babies and happy mommy! This was at 20 weeks :)