Sunday, October 7, 2012

I got you babe....

Well, its been a year and most can say they've accomplished a lot and it's true. Us on the other hand, maybe are a bit competitive and went above and beyond ;) Three perfect and beautiful babies, new home, new business, a job I love and a future that just seems to be endlessly blessed! Okay it didn't all happen in a year and maybe that's why it feels like this should be our 5th wedding anniversary instead! None the less by our one year anniversary our family may be or is at least close to being complete already! So in love and so happy.
I know a lot of great men out there but the difference is 'the perfect fit'. It's the chemistry, the consideration, complete trust and commitment. Cole is that fit for me and every day whether I'm happy with him or not I am always so thankful for him. Both being extremely passionate people, stupid little spats can get a little blown out of proportion. However, on the other side of things, he makes me feel so loved and appreciated at expected and unexpected times. I LOVE seeing him love on Kade, Kallen and Kennadi and find nothing more sexy that a loving and hands on daddy.
We managed to get away and have my parents to thank.... at least for that night! We first went out to eat at Big Fat Fish down in Fairhaven (one of our favorite places) got to sit down and have a quiet dinner and uninterrupted conversation. It's a beautiful thing! After dinner we walked down the road to Boulevard Park and got a coffee and watched the sun go down! I wish we could've really relaxed and made a late night of it like we used to at the park, but with the Kallen and Kennadi being so little still we made sure to get our still 'newlywed' butts back home. With three kids we never want to wear out our amazing sitters ;)

By the end of the night, while it was cut a bit short, I was ready to see, kiss, cuddle, and squeeze all three of  my little love bugs! I guess that's the name of the game being with them 24/7 and I love that as well.
My pride and joy right there..... Cheers to so much more Cole Carl! I love you.

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