Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chuckie's gotta work too

Chuck recently took a new job that has him still working at refineries only he could be 'placed' all over where it's needed. 90 percent of the time being either in Ferndale or Anacortes so it's been great! The current job though as taken our papa to Texas. A place where he has always wanted to go adventure around and see. Trying to be positive considering he could be gone for up to two months and with holiday season around the corner we're hoping that's not the case.

Before he had to take off, Julie and I decided to pack up the families and head over there for some hangout time and pizza to send him off.

Always a bit of a joke to try and get everyone looking let alone smiling. Look at all those boys.... and then my little Miss, my little Birdie sound asleep :) Hurry home and travel safe Chuckie!

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